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Gallery Studio Stam exhibits highly professional works of art at an easily accessed location, namely the basement of Prinsengracht 356 in Amsterdam.
Here you will not find the rather intimidating and unapproachable lady or gentleman with their computer and glass design table. No, here you will be welcomed into a warm atmosphere by the artists themselves. The word Studio in the name says it all!
ln Gallery Studio Stam art is being created! ln these surroundings there is nearly always someone at work.

Often one can be slightly hesitant of looking up the artist in his studio, it can feel intrusive. However, this Gallery offers the ideal opportunity to walk in, take a look at the exhibition and watch artists at work. Thus gaining an insight into the creative proces.
Gallery Studio Stam makes it possible for you to commission a painting or sculpture using your own ideas. There are lots of artists and styles to choose from. In fact any subject you can think of; portraits, city views, a still life etc.

The main aim of the gallery is to exhibit contemporary, realistic art in all its various facets and, to mediate between artist and customer. Free advice is standard. Whilst enjoying a glass of wine you can discuss the work of art and which artist would be the best to approach. In this way we hope to bridge the gap between art and public. Art is not only for the erudite or elite!

The artists involved are first and foremost expert craftsmen/women, who can talk enthusiastically about their work and methods.

This can be really interesting for everyone who would like to know more about painting and sculpture.
A growing number of people are finding their way to Gallery Studio Stam, some just to view art and others to commission a special work.

The extensive group of non-subsidised artists really appeals to the imagination. The advice and support given when making a choice also helps the person commissioning a work, who may have some difficulty in visualising his/her idea.

The involvement during the work process and the care afterwards, for instance assisting in the choice of frame, the hanging of the painting or placement of a sculpture in the customers home, all help to complete the service.

ln fact, Gallery Studio Stam is a family firm. Father Jos Stam 1926-1985, was an artist/drawing teacher, he passed his talent and interest on to his four children. His youngest son followed directly in his footsteps, artist/painter and founder of the
gallery. But all four children are directly or indirectly involved with the gallery. Cecile makes ceramics, Jeroen with his recently published childrens book and Marc as builder and restorer of guitars. Co-founder of the Gallery is John Stikvoort, father-in-
law to Matthijs and a direct cousin of artists Koos and Bernard Stikvoort from Alkmaar. An artistic and enthusiastic group of people.

lf you are interested please drop in to see us or make an appointment. You are always welcome!